Android – Location Based Reminders

Just a quick one:

I’ve had issues with Google Now’s reminders since I first owned a Nexus 4 (a few years back) and the issue persists with my Nexus 5X. The trouble is in having reminders trigger at a particular location, rather than a particular time.

For example, if I know I need to pick something up next time I visit my in-laws, but don’t know when I’ll next be at their house, I can set a reminder and select “place” instead of time. In theory, entering their address is all that is needed to make it work.


This image was stolen wholesale from this article:

In practice… nothing. Just… nothing.

The reminder doesn’t trigger.

You can try clearing various caches, disabling and re-enabling location services, playing with permissions all you like. But this just doesn’t work.┬áThis is clearly not the case for everyone – other people seem to have it working just fine.

I’m sure someone clever at Google will fix this. Eventually.

In the meantime, here’s my workaround:

Google Keep allows you to set location reminders.

This seems to work just fine. Obviously it’s a different “style” of reminder, but as far as I’m concerned, as long as it “dings” and reminds me and as long as it does it at the right location, the job is done.

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